External Relations and MindPhair

External Relations

External Relations brings students and companies/other universities together. To achieve that the following services are available:

  • Aperitifs and Presentations
  • Company Visits
  • Collaboration (Sponsoring)
  • Career days at other universities


The following homepage allows companies and institutes to put up adverts for Papers (Bachelor, Master, etc.) and part- or full-time jobs. Additionally, we offer various assistance jobs. Find jobs

Career days

You can access the latest career days here.

External events

You can access the latest external events (not organised directly by ETH or by D-MATH and D-PHYS) here


We also make it possible for companies to present themselves to students in different ways, for example with advertisements in the association's journal (VAMP), sponsoring and supporting or hosting events.


Interested in a collaboration? Contact us at er@vmp.ethz.ch.