Botond Gáti

Vice President: Max Reinhardt

The president is responsible for coordinating the projects and the work in the VMP. He/She organises weekly board meetings, where the members of the board present their work and where important decisions are discussed and voted on. Additionally, the president writes the board members' job specifications and coordinates office hours in CAB and HXE.

The president is also active in the teaching committee as well as the department conference. Together with the university politics members of board, they express the wishes and concerns of the students to the department.

Furthermore, the president represents the VMP in the VSETH and has a seat its board union and its board council and member's council.

Lastly, the president is also involved in organising many VMP events, e.g. "Ersti" weekend, "Ersti" day and the exam preparation courses.



Theo Wollschlegel

The treasury is the "money boy/girl" of the board. He/she is responsible for everything to do with finance in the VMP. The treasury administrates funding for events, pays the bills and has a general overview of the VMP's budget. If you want to know the VMP's financial state and really enjoy filling out tax forms, don't hesitate to contact

External Relations

Skander Stephan

University Politics

Mathematics: Max Reinhardt

Physics: Nadine Nussbaumer


Kolja Frahm

Roman Svoboda


Manuel Winkler

Student Affairs

Pedro Rosso

Elias Wirth

Internal Affairs

Alexander Uhlmann


Oliver Pitz