VMP - University Politics in the D-MATH and D-PHYS

One of the VMP's most important fields of activity is university politics. This includes evaluations of lectures every semester, conferences regarding various topics and issues and the representation of student's concerns.

Further Information:

If you have got any questions for us or are interested in being a part of the university politics committee contact us at hopo@vmp.ethz.ch.


Spokespeople exist for all lectures in the first year. They are your contact person for problems or wishes regarding the lecture.

The spokespeople for this semester are:

For Analysis II:Rafael Wu Zhiang (Mathematik), Alexander Jürgens (Physik), Simon Grunwald (PCN)

For Lineare Algebra II: Ana Pavlakovic (Mathematik), Chrysander Hagen (Physik), Moritz Baumgarten (PCN)

For Physik II: Anastasia Mokhova (Mathematik), Anna Knörr (Physik), Luca Schaufelberger (PCN)

For Numerische Methoden: Roman Lemp (Physik), Maximilian Reiter (PCN)

For Numerische Mathematik I: Satya Vivek Boddu, Nessa ten Wolde