VMP - University Politics in the D-MATH and D-PHYS

One of the VMP's most important fields of activity is university politics. This includes evaluations of lectures every semester, conferences regarding various topics and issues and the representation of student's concerns.

Further Information:

If you have got any questions for us or are interested in being a part of the university politics committee contact us at hopo@vmp.ethz.ch.


Spokespeople exist for all lectures in the first year. They are your contact person for problems or wishes regarding the lecture.

The spokespeople for this semester are:

For Physics II: Faye Dinh and Andrey Bryutkin (Mathematics), Paul Sander and Frederic Jorgensen (Physics), Christoph Gruber (PCN)

For Numerical Methods:

For Numerical Mathematics: Michal Mikuta, Eva Palomino Baez Oliveira Soares

For Analysis II: Tabea Pawlitschko (Physics), Sofia Lanfranchi (PCN), Micha Mikuta (Mathematics)

For Linear Algebra II: Micha Mikuta (Mathematics), Johannes Eberle (Physics)

HoPoKo - university politics committee

The university politics committee (abb. "HoPoKo") is formed by a group of people that meet twice during the semester at the HoPoKo-meeting. This meeting is led by the university politics board members of the VMP and addresses all important topics at D-MATH and D-PHYS. All mathematics and physics students are invited to join these meetings and the discussions!


Organisation Ordinance ETHZ (as of 01.01.2020)

Here you can find the regulations of all the different courses of study (most of them are in german as they are legally binding documents):

Subject Physics Mathematics CSE Statistics
Reglement BSc Physics Mathematics CSE 2016 CSE 2018
Reglement MSc Physics Mathematics CSE Statistics

(GO = Internal Regulations)