You have books you don't need anymore and just lie around in the corner all dusty? Or would you like to buy a used book at a reduced price? Use the VSETH Bücherbörse

Coffee machine

The VMP offers one free coffee a day for its members in the common area of VMP, AMIV and VIS (CAB E31). By registering your Legi, you can easily grab a coffee in your very own VMP mug (CHF 5.- in the VMP office, CAB E33).


In order to take advantage of our free coffee offer, you need to register your Legi for use with the coffee dispenser. For this you have to master a small quiz and enter the six-digit number on the backside of your student ID.

Take the quiz

Merchandise Shop

The VMP Merchandise Shop has anything a mathematician or physicist could ever need. In addition to clothes or bags, we are now offering phone cases bearing our carefully selected designs, including, but not limited to, two matching Newton's cradles or Möbius Dick, guaranteed to make you the life of every party. You can find the shop here Merchandise-Shop. We can't wait to see you wearing our designs.