VAMP - The VMP Journal

The journal of the association of math and physics students is published twice each semester. Besides the latest news about the association and university policy, it contains interesting reports and articles by students, interviews with professors as well as announcements of upcoming events.


If you want to present a field of mathematics or physics to a broader public, find out what your professor really does, cover the party of last Thursday, present riddles, research the ETH or other institutions, give your two cents on the state of the nation, do some investigative journalism and uncover the bad state of affairs at the department or just want to write a really good article?

We need you!


You have no grasp on German orthography? No problem. Our team of lectors will edit your articles. You have no grasp on the German language either? Also no problem. English, Suomi, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew or Old Sumerian articles are all welcome. Although the latter might prove a bit difficult for our lectors. Fulfill your sadistic fantasies by punishing the lectors and omit all commas or submit to your own masochistic drive and become a lector yourself. Apply at the VAMP. We really need you!

Editorial Meetings

So now you're really motivated and want to get into the thick of it? Ready to join the ranks or just curious to see how the VAMP gets made? In any case you should join us at our next meeting!

You can apply here:

VAMP Archive

Here you can explore VAMP editions from previous semesters.


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