McKinsey Analytics Consultant / McKinsey Digital Consultant

Reference: Job1134
Location: Kiesen, Switzerland, Switzerland
Employer: McKinsey Switzerland

In recent months, McKinsey has set up the Digital & Analytics Hub for our Zurich Office. Our goal is to expand and establish our local expertise in Digital and Analytics to meet the increasing demand from our clients in this area, ranging from strategy to the actual implementation of digital/analytics solutions. Analytics Consultants should have a deep understanding of the latest analytics techniques, industry dynamics, and corporate functions to help clients generate the most value from data.

Who are we looking for? And what is the difference between the Digital and the Analytics track at McKinsey?
We are looking for two different profiles: consultants who wish to focus on analytics/data science topics, such as inventory management or scheduling optimization for retail clients, and consultants who wish to focus on digital topics, such as IT transformations etc.

How are Analytics Consultants staffed on projects?
Like Generalist Consultants, Analytics Consultants usually spend Mondays to Thursdays at the client site. They are supported in all staffing matters by a local professional development manager in Zurich, who will also ensure they receive adequate mentoring by senior analytics colleagues, have the support of a broad network, and access to international staffing opportunities.

What training can Analytics Consultants expect?
In addition to the standard firm-wide learning curriculum, Analytics Consultants will also follow the Advanced Analytics learning curriculum.

Analytics consultants (based in Zurich): Link to job description
· Quantitative background (Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, etc.)
· Fluent in two or more programming languages (e.g. R, Python, Julia, SWL, GMPL, or related)
· Proficiency in German language required

Consultant - Digital McKinsey: Link to job description
· Digital background in either academia or work experience (or both)
· Proficiency in German language required