The aim of the rw::ko is to organize the RW-Excursions and to bring together CSE students in order to promote a sense of community.
Art. 2 CSE-Commitee Regulation


The rw::ko was born at the end of 2022 with the mission to organize events devoted to CSE students and help make their lives at ETH easier. Currently the rw::ko organizes two formats of events:

  • The rw::excursions: visits to startups, companies, scientific institutes that do work in CSE-related fields.
  • The rw::gettogethers: gatherings/parties for all CSE students

Want to be part of the rw::ko?

There's many different ways to actively participate at the rw::ko. Here's some of them:

  • organize an rw::excursion to a company you're really interested in.
  • help at the next rw::gettogether. You can help serve drinks and clean, or even organize the event altogether.
  • become a member of the rw::ko board by being the head of one of the ressorts.

If we've got you interested:

  • send us an email to rwexcusrions[ät]
  • come at an rw::excusrion assembly
  • or, come by at the next rw::ko board meeting

Did you know?

Our logo was first drafted in July 2022 in a meeting of the board members and was chosen among other candidates in an online vote in December 2022 open to all CSE students. 

The square brackets are reminiscing of the VMP logo and a nod to our mathematical foundations, while the monospaced :: refers to the C++ scope resolution operator, a reference to the computational nature of our studies.

The logo has also fully been created using LaTeX!

The Ressorts

Like all other VMP committees, the rw::ko has a Board of Members comprized of the President and the heads of the different Ressorts. Currently the rw::ko has 4 ressorts.

These are the current board memebers:

Ielizaveta Polupanova, President

"happy to be serving you as the president of rw::ko. my inbox is always open for feedback, ideas or bribes. looking forward to seeing you at our next party, excursion or meeting 🫶🏼."


Luis Wirth, Head of rw::gettogethers

"chellooo :)
i'm the guy responsible for all things party!
i organize at least two rw::gettogethers per semester, where cse students can socalize, wind down and have a fun time.
hope to see you there <3"


Lily Watanabe and Jana Lea Fuchs, Head of Student Support and Help (SSH)

The SSH ressort is responsible for more studying-related aspects such as the revival of the CSE Wiki and [insert]


Enrico Miletto Granozio, Head of Communications & IT

My job is to ensure students are properly informed about the what events and other activities the rw::ko organizes. I am also the some sending out the rw::ko newsletter (at totally irregular intervals). Finally i ensure our IT tools work properly for the other memebrs


Adel Gavranovic, Head of rw::excursions

Hello ✨
I'm the one that contacts cool companies and organizes rw::excursions. I design some of the posters, help out here and there with exam preparation and nag the VMP to organize more PVKs for CSE students

The RW wiki

The D-MATH RW/CSE Wiki is a place for CSE students to exchange knowledge and advice about the curriculum and life at ETH. It is currently run by members of the Teaching Commission, but we are always happy to hear your ideas and feedback!

You can access it here.

The rw::gettogethers

Since HS2022, the rw::ko organises the rw::gettogethers twice a semester. They usually take place in CAB on a Thursday eveing and are a great opportunity to mingle with fellow CSE students, dance to some good music, play a round of Töggeli (foosball) and enjoy some cold beers.

We are constantly looking for students who want to help us organize the next rw::gettogether, so if you're interested feel free to reach out!


The rw::excursions

The rw::excursions are meetings with companies, startups and research institutions which work in CSE-related fields, which the rw::ko organises multiple times a semester. They either take the form of a visit at the company's office or that of a workshop at ETH.

At rw::excursions, which usually last 2-3 hours, students have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss with employees about technical, business and day-to-day work related aspects of their company. In addition, the rw::excursions often include a coding challenge and an apéro at the end.

Did you know?:

As a committee of the VMP, you'll always be able to find our events on the VMP website and newsletter.
That being said, for some extra fun we recommend you sign up for
our newslettter as well.

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Current Events

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Join the KuMa

We are always looking for helpers/Organizers for all kinds of events. Become a helper and secure your reward!

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Phi:male Commission

Welcome to Phi:male, the commission for equal opportunities in and around VMP!

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Do you want to be inspired by some cool and modern CSE, maths and physics topics presented by your fellow students? Come to our weekly undergraduate talks, with an Apéro afterwards! Every Tuesdayfrom 12:15 to 13:00 in room HG G5.