Help Offers

You don't know how to go on? You need help or just someone to anonymously share your troubles with?

There are many help offers provided by ETH and this page is here to help you navigate all of the available resources. The VSETH has made a overview page for all these offers, so be sure to check it out. [VSETH Helppage]


Psychological Counseling and Help

Psychological Counseling Services

The PCS is an offer by UZH and ETH for all students and employes. You can get psychological counseling here free of charge.


Nightline's motto is: We listen to you. It is a free offer from students for students. You can give them a call and talk about anything that is on your mind. They also have a chat option if you prefer writing over talking.

Die Dargebotene Hand

This offer is available in German, French and Italian. You can give them a call any time to talk about thoughts that bother you.

Their phone number is: 143

Psychiatric Help for Emergencies

Phonenumber: 0800 33 66 55

Crisis Intervention Center (CIC)

The Crisis intervention center helps with overcoming personal crisises such as feelings of overwokedness, threat of violence and suicide thoughts Their services are available via telephone, email an in persona. 

CIC Zürich: 044 296 73 10

CIC Winterthur: 052 264 37 00


Emergencies, Threat and Violence

Emergency Desk ETH

In case of emergency, you can contact the ETH internal emergency help desk

Phonnumber (internal): 888

Phonenumber (external): 044 342 11 88

Threat Management Team ETH

In case of harassement, threat or stalking, ETH has a special task force which you can cotact instead of the emergency desk.

Phonenumber (internal): 23030

Phonenumber (external): 044 632 30 30

External Emergency Medical Services

In lifethreatening situations you should definitely contact the external emergency centers as well. Here is a collection of the most important phone numbers in Switzerland:

fire brigade: 118

international emergency number: 112

police: 117

ambulance: 144

University Hospital Zürich

This is the phonenumber of the emergency ward of the University Hospital Zürich (USZ): 044 255 11 11


Respect, Harassement and Discrimination

Advice and Mediation Center

The respect contact services and mediation center offer support with problems scuh as bullying, harassement and discrimination. Every query is treated strictly confidentially and further action is always discussed with you first. 

Ombudspersons and Confidants

The ombudspersons are the general point of contact for conflicts that cannot be solved via direct communication and to report suspicion of illegal activities. The Confidants are here to help you with problems such as violation of research integrity or scientific misconduct. Both are completely independent and treat all information with the greatest confidentiality. 

AVETH Counselling

If you are in you doctoral studies, you miught be interested in the conselling services provided to you by AVETH. They offer support and an open ear for doctoral students and postdocs. Furtheore they collect different resources from around ETH to help you with legal institutional and other issues.

Victim Support Switzerland

Victim Support is for all those who have become victims of criminal action in Switzerland.  


D-MATH has their own point of contact for conselling on matters such as respect. In order to access this resource you need an ETH login. The Respect center currently consists of the following lecturers / staff:

  • Meike Akveld
  • Manfred Einsiedler
  • Özlem Imamoglu
  • Alessandra Iozzi
  • Daniel Köchli (Student Services)

Please be aware that the VMP Code of Conduct has to be respected at all events of VMP. It is the basis for a respectful atmosphere in and around VMP.

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Join the KuMa

We are always looking for helpers/Organizers for all kinds of events. Become a helper and secure your reward!

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Phi:male Commission

Welcome to Phi:male, the commission for equal opportunities in and around VMP!

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