There are spokespeople for all lectures in the first year. They are your contact persons for problems or wishes regarding the lectures.

The spokespeople for this semester (SS23) are:


for Analysis II

  • Sinan Deveci (sdeveci@student.ethz.ch) and
  • Katharina Knist (kknist@student.ethz.ch) for Mathematics
  • Valentin Harwardt (vharwardt@student.ethz.ch) and
  • Arnav Patil (patila@student.ethz.ch) for Physics
  • Henning Friz (hefriz@student.ethz.ch) for PCN


for Basic Structures

  • Marie Fritzsch (mfritzsch@student.ethz.ch)
  • Katharina Knist (kknist@student.ethz.ch)


for Linear Algebra II (Prof. Biran)

  • Sinan Deveci (sdeveci@student.ethz.ch) for Mathematics
  • Theo Lequy (tlequy@student.ethz.ch) for Physics


for Linear Algebra II (Prof. Einsiedler)

  • Hannah Vogel (hvogel@student.ethz.ch) for Mathematics
  • Maurice Venutti (mvenutti@student.ethz.ch) and
  • Valentin Harwardt (vharwardt@student.ethz.ch) and
  • Elena Ott (eleott@student.ethz.ch) for Physics
  • Henning Friz (hefriz@student.ethz.ch) for PCN


for Physics II

  • Valentin Harwardt (vharwardt@student.ethz.ch),
  • Richard Rüdin (rruedin@student.ethz.ch),
  • Leonie Karl (karlle@student.ethz.ch) and
  • Jakob Albayrak (jalbayrak@student.ethz.ch) for Physics
  • Jonas Glur (joglur@student.ethz.ch) for Mathematik
  • Henning Friz (hefriz@student.ethz.ch) for PCN


for Data Analysis

  • Valentin Harwardt (vharwardt@student.ethz.ch)
  • Ira Himstedt (ihimstedt@student.ethz.ch)
  • Jakob Albayrak (jalbayrak@student.ethz.ch)


for Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Renas Sahin (rsahin@student.ethz.ch) and
  • Isabel de Dios Martinez (idedios@student.ethz.ch) for mathematics
  • Fiona Sacher (fsacher@student.ethz.ch) for physics
  • Etienne Gilgien (egilgien@student.ethz.ch) for PCN
  • Naima Schmutz (nschmutz@student.ethz.ch) and 
  • Yuliia Tishchenko (ytishchenko@student.ethz.ch) for CSE


for CSE

The spokesperson for the CSE first year is Nathan Erlbacher (nerlbacher@student.ethz.ch).

The spokespeople for all other courses of the first year can be found 


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Phi:male Commission

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