There are spokespeople for all lectures in the first year. They are your contact persons for problems or wishes regarding the lectures.

The spokespeople for this semester (SS22) are:


for Analysis II

  • Kilian Teubner (kteubner[ät]student.ethz.ch) for physics
  • Mina Camenisch (mcamenisc[ät]student.ethz.ch) for mathematics
  • Irakli Abzianidze (iabzianidze[ät]student.ethz.ch) for interdisciplinary sciences


for Linear Algebra II

  • Jana Fuchs (fuchsja[ät]student.ethz.ch) for physics
  • Tamara Tkacova (ttkacova[ät]student.ethz.ch) for mathematics
  • Irakli Abzianidze (iabzianidze[ät]student.ethz.ch) for interdisciplinary sciences


for Physics II

  • Charlotte Praus (cpraus[ät]student.ethz.ch) and Jonas Spiller (jspiller[ät]student.ethz.ch) for physics
  • Lydia Gattiker (lgattiker[ät]student.ethz.ch) for mathematics
  • Irakli Abzianidze (iabzianidze[ät]student.ethz.ch) for interdisciplinary sciences


for Dataanalysis in Physics

  • Jonas Spiller (jspiller[ät]student.ethz.ch)
  • Loa Wild (lowild[ät]student.ethz.ch)


for Datastructures & Algorithms

  • Ema Skottova (eskottova[ät]student.ethz.ch) and Tamara Tkacova (ttkacova[ät]student.ethz.ch) for mathematics
  • Mathis Erler (merler[ät]student.ethz.ch) for interdisciplinary sciences


for Fundamental Structures

  • Leopold Karl (lekarl[ät]student.ethz.ch) and Leandro Zehnder (zehnde[ät]student.ethz.ch


for CSE

The spokespersons for the CSE first years are Raphael Graf (grafrap[ät]student.ethz.ch) and Lily Watanabe (lwatanabe[ät]student.ethz.ch).

The spokespeople for all other courses of the first year can be found 


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Phi:male Commission

Welcome to Phi:male, the commission for equal opportunities in and around VMP!

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Do you want to be inspired by some cool & modern math & phys topics presented by your fellow students? Come to our weekly undergraduate talks, with an Apéro afterwards! Every tuesday from 12:15 to 13:00 at HG G 3.