Exam Collection

Regarding the oral exam protocols: we rely on students to write and send in their own protocols every semester. We're glad for every protocol you write for us (you may upload anonymously) and you can earn up to CHF 35.00 for a detailed protocol. You can find an example protocol below in German and in English so you know what we expect a protocol to look like. Once you have written it, please send it to along with your IBAN and your post code.

Example Quality Criteria

You'll also find the template for a protocol below. In order for it to compile, you have to download the Zip folders and copy the files "Template/Vorlage", "vmp", "vmp3" into a different folder on your computer.

Template German Template English

The written exams of the Basispr├╝fung, block 1 and 2, as well as other written core and elective subjects that many students take are requested from the professors by the VMP themselves (by student affairs specifically). If you are missing an exam, please send us an email at

If you have any remarks, comments or feedback, or if an exam has been filed in the wrong place, feel free to contact us. Considering the amount of new exams we collect every semester, there are bound to be errors we have not seen ourselves.

Note to freshers: Linear Algebra I and II exams, including the ones from Prof. Pink, are at the bottom under "Altes Reglement" :)

Exam Collection Old Exam Collection


We would like to offer more exams online. You can help us achieve that goal and make some money doing so. If you compile the solutions to an exam (all exercises included, written in LaTeX and the solution is not already accessible) you earn up to CHF 50.-. If the exam itself is not yet accessible online and you provide a LaTeX document containing the tasks you earn an additional CHF 25.-. If you have passed oral exams, please write a protocol with LaTeX and send it as a PDF and/or PS document to as explained above. You will earn up to CHF 60.-. Exams of the IFOR could be accessible on the homepage of the OBIS.


Every semester the VMP surveys the quality of lectures. This is helpful to both professors and students.

Interested in Studying at D-MATH or D-PHYS?

If you are interested in studies at one of the two departments but are still lacking information, you are at the right place. Our association (Verein der Mathematik- und Physikstudierenden an der ETH) is there to help. For any questions, send an e-mail to

If you are looking for a general impression of the ETH and what studying mathematics, physics or computational science and engineering might look like, we recommend taking part in our guided campus tours. Here, you'll have the opportunity to ask all of your questions during a tour of the ETH campus. Afterwards, you could visit one of the basic lectures like Analysis or Linear Algebra to gain a first impression of the studies.

The tours take place by arrangement. Just write us a mail, mention your prefered date and we'll contact you with more information.

We wish you much success with the selection of your studies and hope to see you soon, VMP