Exam collection

The new exam collection is now online and contains all old exams that are available to us. Thereby the solutions (if available) are also accessible as pdf.


Written exams

  • The new interface allows solutions of individual tasks to be inserted directly into the exam. If you want to do your fellow students a small favor and insert the solutions when solving the exams, you will also receive a small compensation for it, according to the following rules:
  • All solutions of a certain exam must be inserted.
  • CHF 0.15 per task (i.e. one solution inserted in a so-called cut, as picture or text)
  • Payout from CHF 10
  • All payouts will be made at the beginning of the next semester
  • For writing complete written solutions we compensate you separately. The maximum amount is calculated by (2-exam time[in hours])-20CHF, although we reserve the right to pay in increments for certain exams. Note, however, that we independently request exams and their sample solutions from professors.
  • please send your complete solution together with your full name, IBAN and postal code to

Oral exams

  • Create an exam protocol with the LaTeX template below (your name does not have to be on it) and send it to with your IBAN and postal code. For a detailed and appealing protocol you will receive up to CHF 60. Please familiarize yourself with the following documents beforehand:

example protocol. Evaluation criteria Template German Template English (For the template to compile, you need to download the zip folders and then copy the files "template / template", "vmp", "vmp3" to another folder on your computer).

Comments? Comments? Feedback? Or even wrongly classified tests? Errors? Wrong designations? Then just get in touch with We appreciate any comment from you that helps to improve the usefulness of this service.

Coffee machine

The VMP offers one free coffee a day for its members in the common area of VMP, AMIV and VIS (CAB E31). By registering your Legi, you can easily grab a coffee in your very own VMP mug (CHF 5.- in the VMP office, CAB E33).


In order to take advantage of our free coffee offer, you need to register your Legi for use with the coffee dispenser. For this you have to master a small quiz and enter the six-digit number on the backside of your student ID.

Take the quiz

Interested in Studying at D-MATH or D-PHYS?

If you are interested in studies at one of the two departments but are still lacking information, you are at the right place. Our association (Verein der Mathematik- und Physikstudierenden an der ETH) is there to help. For any questions, send an e-mail to

If you are looking for a general impression of the ETH and what studying mathematics, physics or computational science and engineering might look like, we recommend taking part in our guided campus tours. Here, you'll have the opportunity to ask all of your questions during a tour of the ETH campus. Afterwards, you could visit one of the basic lectures like Analysis or Linear Algebra to gain a first impression of the studies.

The tours take place by arrangement. Just write us a mail, mention your prefered date and we'll contact you with more information.

We wish you much success with the selection of your studies and hope to see you soon, VMP